Officials say reform will improve consumer options, quality – Modern Healthcare.

It is very difficult to feel like our representative government actually represents us using a collection of popular and expert opinion when their statements on a topic are clearly motivated by a politically driven agenda.

In response to a question about whether a public plan option would lead to rationing, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said, “Care, unfortunately, is being rationed right now.”

The term “ration” implies an equal amount is given to each person.  Care is not “rationed” now, it is financially constrained.  Our personal limits on healthcare spending are currently limited by statistically driven price controls in insurance contracts, professional medical decisions, and our personal resources.  A public option would replace the first limit, and possibly the second limit, with government policy.  To consider that this policy would not be influenced by the special interests that currently have created our existing healthcare misalignment is to ignore human nature and history.

More to the point, we see how the words are being selected to sway opinion and not to collect opinion to form public policy.  Since we all have our personal complaints about how we receive healthcare, regardless of current utilization and state of health, the noise and chaos allows influence peddling to become law without anyone comprehending what we are getting into.  Or, at least try these expansions of existing healthcare spending in pilot programs which can be rejected when they don’t do anything.

By the way, David Blumenthal’s statement later in the article shocks the privacy nerve in not rejecting strongly the notion of a central federal database for medical records.  Technical impossibility aside, nothing would create demand for opting-out of medical records more than central federal control.

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