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Author: Lyle

Some information on my use of the application is here.

Point Along The Curve

Point Along The Curve

But a comment here about how much of the country I’ve covered.  Tripit keeps track of all my travels, and although it isn’t complete since its use is more recent, it’s very interesting to see all the breadcrumbs I’ve left around the country through its map.

It’s interesting to me to look back and reflect on these travels and I’m actually a bit shocked at the number of places I’ve been.  More of a property of how old I am, and not how much I travel (I avoid it as much as possible).  But some other observations:

  • I haven’t touched much of the west.  Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, the Dakotas are untouched for example.
  • The map doesn’t let you appreciate some of the places I’ve been a lot.  I know San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Boston, Orlando, Minnesota quite well, for example.
  • You also don’t get a sense of the places I love.  I love Boston for its history and dining.  I love San Diego for its weather.  I love Minnesota for its people.  Etc.

My travel is a lot more revisits of places I’ve been now.  But I’ll look at this every once in a while to see how it changes.

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  1. Lyle (from outside) Says:

    If you click on the map it blows up for more detail. Notice the sentence on top; “including Phoenixville PA”. Ha ha. It keys on hotel cities, not what I would consider the destination. Sorry, no “Cedarville”. 🙂

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