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Author: Lyle
Tag Cloud, March 2, 2010

Tag Cloud, March 2, 2010

On the border of this page is a “tag cloud” (assuming you are not reading this so far in the future I’ve abandoned maintaining it).  As I post articles, I “tag” them with words and phrases that help index them.

The concept is to only show the most frequently used tags, and to use a larger font based on frequency so that tags that are used the most are more prominently displayed.  It is a data visualization tool that allows you to quickly comprehend the topics most common on the site.

For a while, the cloud was kind of humorous as there wasn’t enough data to have any accurate conclusions drawn.  It’s starting to be a little more accurate about the topics that inspire me to write something in a public space with my name on it.

I captured the current state because I’m curious to compare it at some time in the future.

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