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Author: Lyle

With a heavy heart I removed the Homestar Runner link on the left (, if you’re looking for it and too lazy to Google). I’ve given up hope that the Brothers Chaps will post any more content for Strong Bad, and perhaps the joke has run its course. I will, of course, always consider myself a member of the Homestarmy if you’d like to reminisce in the style of old Monty Python gags.wpid-PastedGraphic2-2012-12-2-22-481.tiff

And out with the old, in with the new. The Jazz Guitar Forum was added. An active, very positive collection of people discussing all things jazz guitar. A home for the true jazz guitar nerds of all levels.

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  1. Billie Preston Says:

    The second step would be to listen to Jazz of course. I will list some good musicians you can check out (although they all are not guitar players): Wes Montgomery- guitar, Joe Pass- Guitar, John Mclaughlin-Guitar, Miles Davis-trumpet, Louis Armstrong- trumpet, John Coltrane- Sax., Thelonious Monk- Piano (excellent listening), and Charlie Christian-guitar. These are just a few musicians you can check out to get a grip on the sound of jazz. (I tried to include musicians from a wide time range). Listening to Jazz is a great way to subconciously learn Jazz.

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