Still Crazy, Almost

Author: Lyle

I’m taking a songwriting class.  More about that later, but it is a great experience for a number of reasons and the professor’s material is really brilliant. As we’re discussing melody and song choices he snuck in this link:

It is a somewhat timeless piece of American television, when regular programming was intellectually interesting.  I don’t know all of Mr. Simon’s work, but some of it I like a ton and this particular song was influential when I was younger for a number of reasons, including a performance on Saturday Night Live while wearing a turkey costume.  Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing this in the context of a work not yet completed, talking about note choice, and like great foreshadowing in a movie we know that he will end up putting in a great bridge,a great sax solo, and the song eventually becomes AABA and one of his greatest works.

Enjoy, including the awkward jump to commercial break.  The final product.


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