I just relocated my travel journal from Blogger/Blogspot/Google to another WordPress folder on my server.  The Blogger account was the first on-line posting I did way back in the ancient days of the Internet, and I was happy with Blogger.  Even as WordPress vastly eclipsed Blogger with features, there’s a role for simpler tools and it did enough that I did not feel very compelled to move.

The driver for the move was really more about Google Maps than Blogger.   Google changed their Maps product substantially a little while ago, and I’m in the camp that liked the old version much better.  The new version seems like they shoehorned the tablet/touch interface into the browser and I find it more clumsy to use.  More specifically, they removed the simple feature where you could easily create HTML code to embed a small map in another piece of content – Email, blog post, etc.  I’m sure its still possible, there are certainly still Google Maps embedded in other content.  But, it is no longer a simple cut & paste into a limited content tool like Blogger.

To help insulate me from the changes, I set up a new WordPress folder, and started copying content from Blogger to the new location.  I also found a plugin for WordPress (MapPress) which insulates me from the Google Maps API and whatever changes they make down the road.

A lot of old content isn’t moved over yet, but all the new content is now here.  You can also see the RSS feed on the navigation section on the left.

Side Issue: an example of how intolerable Google Maps has become.  Embedding maps is supposedly still available as long as you aren’t in “lite mode”.  The instructions on lite mode are here, but notice the instructions tell you that the control is on the lower-right and down further lower-left.  When I run it, the control is in neither.

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