Proof I purchased the article.

Proof I purchased the article.

I’ve had this 4 year old Washington Post article on my desk forever, and dug down to it while clearing some space (my desk at home is an endless queue of things to read).  I’ve mentioned Jason Wilson twice before both in reference to rum, and this article is about a perfect Gin & Tonic.  G&T used to be one of my regulars, but I tired of it a long time ago and replaced it with the straight up Martini as the preferred way to enjoy gin.

But, this article brought me back.  I have tried both the Q Tonic and the Fever Tree versions of tonic water, and it immediately brings the gin & tonic into a more complex and sophisticated taste.  Enjoyable when watching the sun go down after a summer day, and a great pre-meal cocktail for dining.

Exploring all the exotic spice tonics the article discusses seems a bit out of reach.  I recently tried aged gins which are a bit of a trend lately, but felt aging gin in barrels changed the taste of the gin into something that was unrecognizable.  I would guess that wildly different tonics would strike me the same way.  But, I’ve always been a fan of Jason’s writing and what I’ve explored based on that has not disappointed, so I’ll keep an eye out when traveling to try something new.

Unrelated; we’ve tried the Q Tonic Ginger Beer trying to make a “Dark & Stormy” (unsuccessfully, for some reason).  The Ginger Beer (think “Ginger Ale”, not beer infused with ginger) is a real punch in the face of ginger.  Crazy.  You should try it if you like “spicy”.

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