This is the personal web site for Lyle Schofield.  The one that grew up in Chester County, PA.  Went to Owen J. Roberts High School in beautiful Bucktown, PA.  Studied engineering at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.  Then, moved to the Washington DC area and works with computer systems for healthcare.

If you don’t know me, this site is most likely of little interest.  It’s a place for me to post things to share with family and friends.  If you don’t know me, the things I find interesting, funny, or worthy of ridicule will be out of context.  However, if you find that I placed information here that helps you or gives you something to think about, that’s pretty cool.

If you are a long, lost friend trying to find me – congratulations!  You can send a message to my Gmail account.  The account name is “lschofield”.  The domain of course is “gmail.com”.  It would be easier if I had that as a link, but leaving it in English makes things harder on the evil robots that wander the Internet.

You may also find these other sites of interest:

  • I segment more technical things to my Technical Journal.  Some articles leak from the technical site to this site, but the technical journal is more likely to go into specifics and get geeky and dull (except to me).  You can see the new articles on the left.
  • Similar, I segment travel related things to my Travel Log.  This started as an attempt to record information about airplanes (a nerdish interest), but has digressed into information on restaurants and hotels as well.  Helps me keep track of places to visit and places to avoid.  New travel articles are also listed on the right.
  • I am a regular user of LinkedIn for professional networking.
  • I have a Facebook account that I don’t use much, but enjoy connecting with friends and seeing what they are doing.
  • I have a Twitter account that I rarely use, but am forced to sometimes as some companies use this as a primary channel for information delivery.  But I don’t really post frequently on Twitter; when I only want to post 140 characters I write shorter.
  • I’ve been very lucky to have a life filled with interesting work.  Currently, I spend my days trying to fix healthcare by preserving the value of medical documentation.  See my company’s home page.
  • You can see the kinds of music I listen to with my Pandora public profile.

There are other links listed in the margin of the pages, which will let you see other things I’m interested in.

All of this is of course humorously self-indulgent – as if I think the world cares about my thoughts and what I’m interested in.  Which I don’t.  This site is here for me, not you.

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