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Urbanspoon’s Demise

Author: Lyle

I had been a user of Urbanspoon for quite a long time – I think it was the first app I downloaded on my first iPhone (iPhone 3, if I recall). I was great when traveling for finding a place to eat, and I eventually started adding reviews there and placing Urbanspoon tags on my travel log.  Urbanspoon has recently been absorbed by something called “Zomato“.

The transition has apparently not taken Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 8.08.35 AMmy account with it, I’m unable to log in.  Even as a new user of Zomato I can’t get it to recognize the city I want to search – it seems to think I’m in London, with no way to change this.  The location change widget just cycles on a cryptic “Peabody, Peabody”.   I looked at downloadingthe iPhone app, but the reviews are terrible.  The Urbanspoon user base seems to have mostly bolted, based on the reviews on line and comments on news articles (most are advising to move to Yelp).  This may be a lesson on mismanagement of integrating an acquisition in the long run.

I’m not sure where I’ll move to for searching – most likely Yelp – but I am glad I’ve been keeping the bulk of my content in an app I control directly.

Just keeping track of this.  I had a minor role in data collection.


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Physician documentation deficiencies in abdominal ultrasound reports: frequency, characteristics, and financial impact.

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Mid-South Imaging and Therapeutics, Memphis, Tennessee 38120, USA.

How to Get Acquired for a Big Price |

Mentioned in a big time business magazine.  Very interesting.  Another article could be written titled “How to Get Mentioned in a Big Time Magazine”.  It would have a bullet point with “make sure an author at the magazine also works for one of your investors.”

The eternal optimism of the Clear mind – Joel on Software.

Joel Spolsky (who always creates a great read) posted an analysis on the foolishness of Clear.  This news (like almost everything) is buried under Michael Jackson’s passing.

“E-mail is a party to which English teachers have not been invited. It has companies tearing their hair out.” – R. Craig Hogan

C-Net has an article on a wretched state of written communication in business E-mail. For those of you in school now, you will spend more time writing Email as you work in your Internet connected job in the future. Written Engligh and typing may be the most important skills you learn in high school. Spell checkers, grammar checkers, and “voice to text” will not save you.

It’s not that hard. We’re only expecting a 6th grade level, anyway.