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How Tetris Helped Game Boy Take Over the World.

How cool is it that Woz posted a comment on this article!


Author: Lyle

Automatic: An Auto Accessory to Make You a Smarter Driver.

Just keeping track of this link – a very cool idea, and makes me question the need for On Star.

Iceland Gear

Author: Lyle

Documenting gear purchased for Iceland in the winter.


Still Crazy, Almost

Author: Lyle

I’m taking a songwriting class.  More about that later, but it is a great experience for a number of reasons and the professor’s material is really brilliant. As we’re discussing melody and song choices he snuck in this link:

It is a somewhat timeless piece of American television, when regular programming was intellectually interesting.  I don’t know all of Mr. Simon’s work, but some of it I like a ton and this particular song was influential when I was younger for a number of reasons, including a performance on Saturday Night Live while wearing a turkey costume.  Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing this in the context of a work not yet completed, talking about note choice, and like great foreshadowing in a movie we know that he will end up putting in a great bridge,a great sax solo, and the song eventually becomes AABA and one of his greatest works.

Enjoy, including the awkward jump to commercial break.  The final product.


Tape Portraits

Author: Lyle

“Scotch Tape” artist.  Very funny.

Call Me Sometime – Cheezburger.

Another winner from I Can Has Cheezburger.

A cute picture that is almost hiding the fact that someone out there took their dogs on a “Dolphin Experience” tour.  How great is it that we live on a planet where we can rent a boat to take dogs out to meet dolphins?  And where are the floatation devices?

My Sister Was Right

Author: Lyle

Yakety Sax” does make funny things funnier!

Also, most tags for fewest words in a post!



3M Innovation Web Site

Author: Lyle

New site coming to showcase innovation.

Its a very big company with a very rich heritage of innovation, looking forward to more details. The solar power plant related link is also very cool.



I was looking at a spammer trying to attach comments to this link, and it gave me a chance to think about travels since that point two and a half years ago.  Mostly, as winter sets in here in Washington, it made me think about California, traveling through Big Sur, watching the sun go down over the Pacific, and the sound of breeze through palm trees.

Life is a series of connected memories, and the best ones are the simple ones you can think about again and again and they are always enjoyable.

Wooted Today

Author: Lyle
Woot Screen Shot of Mugs

Woot seems a little ornery today.

You can never have enough coffee mugs, that’s what I always say.  I wooted a few, in case I forget to get someone something for Christmas.

I love the caption on their picture, by the way.  If you don’t regularly shop on Woot, you should at least go there once in a while to read their ad copy each day.  Their writers have both a great sense of humor and way too much time on their hands.