It’s A CodeRyte Reunion!

Hello CodeRyte Alumni!  Its been five years since 3M purchased CodeRyte, so let’s see if people are interested in getting together to catch up on what everyone is doing.  This is a request to get a count on who is interested so we know what to plan for.

The event will be held in the Bethesda/DC area on Friday, December 15, 2017, some time in the evening.

Specific location to be announced as soon as we get an idea how many people will be there.  Invites will go out to anyone who worked at CodeRyte and a significant other.  For those who would like to attend but aren’t geographically close we’ll arrange for a remote link through Google Hangouts or something, and a way for people to send in a short video message for all to watch.

Please contact Lyle Schofield with you’re preferred Email address, and if you want to attend in person or remotely.  You can reach me at the same cell from the CodeRyte days, or a Linked In message, or the Email account “lyle” at the domain

And most important, pass the word around to anyone you are still in touch with!

Confirmed In Person:

Amar Kalelkar
Etsy Salazar-Lopez
Evan McDonnell
George Stobie
Glen Tobin
Jean Stoner
Kean Kaufmann
Lori Wise
Lyle Schofield
Manan Mohale
Nate Centofanti
Philip Resnik
Rafik Kouissar
Rick Toren
Salim Syed

Confirmed Remote:

MeChelle Walker
Meenal Raje
Rebecca Caux

On the Bubble:

Michael Johnson

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