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About My Father

Author: Lyle

My father passed away about a year ago.  The graveside service was performed by a military chaplain from the Army Fort AP Hill in Pennsylvania, which he would have appreciated.  The weather was rain, which broke when we were finished.

I read these words at the service:


My father’s life was an average life.

He was a son, a brother, an uncle, a cousin
A student, a soldier
An artist, a photographer, a teacher,
A father
A neighbor
A coach, a champion, a colleague
A grandfather
A friend
A handyman, a gardener, a horseman

He always played by the rules
He always stayed busy
He always kept a sense of humor
He always helped people who needed help

In passing, he is surrounded by family, friends, students, and colleagues.

His passing leaves an immense hole in our lives.  But, we will survive and thrive because he prepared us for this.  He knew his time on this world, like ours, is brief, and he did not waste his time.

My father’s life was average, and as it turns out, average is quite remarkable.


The family is very grateful to the Veterans Administration and the staff at the Southeast Pennsylvania Veterans Center in Spring City.  The VA sometimes get a bad rap in the media.  Our experience was the complete opposite.  Every single staff member we interacted with, from the front desk to the physicians, showed professionalism and love for the veterans they were taking care of.