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Dulles Aero Train

Author: Lyle

The real excitement is that this is my first YouTube video.  Shot with the trusty Canon PowerShot SD400.

This is the replacement for the famous Dulles “Mobile Lounge” trucks.  I was previously against this improvement, as it took away that glorious 1960’s vibe that went along with the distinctive Dulles architecture.  However, while it seems to have lengthened the security time at Dulles, the new trains retain their 1960’s vibe with the new 2001 A Space Oddessey styling queues.

Video below shows the ride.  The interiors of the tunnels could have been better done, although I’m guessing that they were thinking most people aren’t in the front of the train and wouldn’t see the tunnels.  They nailed the stations, however, including the awesome glowing light bridge.