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Gotta love Amazon for having the sense of humor to leave these comments on line.  This might be the funniest thing Amazon is selling.

Data Proliferation

Author: Lyle

From DOGHOUSE | Someone help..

Gizmodo pointed me to this, its got to be a universal problem for anyone who has had to upgrade technology.  All your media, messages, and data get scattered across a dozen file formats, storage technologies, and physical locations.  One answer would be to consolidate everything to one; not possible.  Another would be to be very good about moving and converting every time you buy a new piece of equipment; also not possible.

What bothers me most is the proliferation of Email accounts.  Its a lot of work to move an Email account, which is probably why I still know people with domains.

Click on the link – informative and funny.

Tape Portraits

Author: Lyle

“Scotch Tape” artist.  Very funny.

Call Me Sometime – Cheezburger.

Another winner from I Can Has Cheezburger.

A cute picture that is almost hiding the fact that someone out there took their dogs on a “Dolphin Experience” tour.  How great is it that we live on a planet where we can rent a boat to take dogs out to meet dolphins?  And where are the floatation devices?

My Sister Was Right

Author: Lyle

Yakety Sax” does make funny things funnier!

Also, most tags for fewest words in a post!



Dog Sacrifices Dignity In the Service of This Star Wars AT-AT Costume.

This is hysterical.  I need to get a dog.

Duck Tron on Vimeo

Author: Lyle

Maybe you love Tron. Maybe you love duct tape. Either way, great advertising.


Duck Tron on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Duck Tron on Vimeo.

My entire career is the butt of an Onion joke.  Take that celebrities!

Quick-Lube Shop Masters Electronic Record Keeping Six Years Before Medical Industry | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

Horiscope for the Week

Author: Lyle

Wise advice, indeed.  I feel better already.

In Praise of Ear Buds

Author: Lyle

Snugly in my audio canal,
Magic, tiny pieces of plastic,
Connected to little silicon boxes,
Blocking the annoying world – fantastic!

Through thin wires of white,
Protecting my fragile mental pop,
Deflecting barbs of inane prattle,
With powerful shields of ZZ Top

American Idol hushed by The Romantics,
Miles blocks a shrill child’s cry,
Those little speakers do their tricks,
Until my batteries run dry