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I’m taking a class right now (more on that later), and in the assignments for the week was buried:

“So many. I had not thought songs had undone so many.”
(Extra credit for recognizing the quote I just mangled.)

When I was in school, answering this question would have required being fairly well read in things I normally don’t read.  Of course, in this current, very modern time of 2013 when we’re all walking around with a network terminal in our pocket its a simple matter of plugging in the quote above into your browser.  In seconds, Google returns what many college poetry majors spend years learning.

Naturally, this kills the value of recognizing the quote (but perhaps the credit is a tiny fraction of a point, reflecting the effort of recognizing).  The more important thought is how Google impacts mental processing the way the electronic calculator has impacted doing math in your head.  Just like no one spends time working arithmetic, perhaps soon no one spends time remembering facts.

Google Does Maps

Author: Lyle

Google Maps is out as a beta application. Brilliant implementation.

My first reaction to this Beta (and free) product was posted on Lyle’s Technical Journal. Very positive.