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I’ve seen lists like these (and made up my own from time to time).  I thought this one was spot on and well written.  A good practice regimen, regardless of your instrument.


Replaced A Link

Author: Lyle

With a heavy heart I removed the Homestar Runner link on the left (, if you’re looking for it and too lazy to Google). I’ve given up hope that the Brothers Chaps will post any more content for Strong Bad, and perhaps the joke has run its course. I will, of course, always consider myself a member of the Homestarmy if you’d like to reminisce in the style of old Monty Python gags.wpid-PastedGraphic2-2012-12-2-22-481.tiff

And out with the old, in with the new. The Jazz Guitar Forum was added. An active, very positive collection of people discussing all things jazz guitar. A home for the true jazz guitar nerds of all levels.

The alley where Blues Alley is.

The alley where Blues Alley is.

At the last minute we decided to go see Pat Martino down at Blues Alley on Sunday night.

We’ve seen Pat here before, and he was performing a three night stand in conjunction with a recording project.  We were there in plenty of time to get our favorite seat back by the bar next to the railing, and by the time of the show the place was pretty full.  This is one of the great venues for music fans, as it is very small and intimate and the artists frequently are hanging out at the back between shows for conversation and autographs.

Pat was there with Hammond B3, drums, and sax, and his guitar sounded great in the hall with that super deep bass.  It was a great set, with lots of songs we hadn’t heard before and great soloing.  One highlight was Pat playing Green Dolphin Street – beautiful and haunting.  Gave me chills to hear it performed.

We thought about sticking around for another set, but it was a Sunday night and a long drive back to the ‘burbs.