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iPad Has Arrived

Author: Lyle

It’s here, and as cleverly packaged as their other products. However, we’re not using it yet. The first time you turn it on it wants to sync with iTunes, which was unexpected. I would have thought it could do this over the cell network, so we haven’t really used it yet. We’ll see if we get some time to do this over the weekend.

Other obvious gripe: the little manual is printed in a font so small that a magnifying glass is needed to read it. I thought this document might just be the legal stuff which no one ever reads. But, it was the real instructions.

iPad on its Way

Author: Lyle

Directly from the factory. Sitting at FedEx in Hong Kong right now. I think it would have been faster to get put on the waiting list at the Apple Store.

Aye, Pad!

Author: Lyle

Walked down to the Apple store today and held the new iPad in my hand.  It is a very impressive bit of engineering.  Has enough heft to it that it feels substantial (most likely the weight is all glass and batteries), yet is held easily in a single hand.  The Email and book reader applications were particularly impressive, and using this instead of a laptop for these functions seems like a real step up.

Looking forward to a more extended exploration, once the hordes of teenagers are back in school.