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I’ve seen lists like these (and made up my own from time to time).  I thought this one was spot on and well written.  A good practice regimen, regardless of your instrument.


Still Crazy, Almost

Author: Lyle

I’m taking a songwriting class.  More about that later, but it is a great experience for a number of reasons and the professor’s material is really brilliant. As we’re discussing melody and song choices he snuck in this link:

It is a somewhat timeless piece of American television, when regular programming was intellectually interesting.  I don’t know all of Mr. Simon’s work, but some of it I like a ton and this particular song was influential when I was younger for a number of reasons, including a performance on Saturday Night Live while wearing a turkey costume.  Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing this in the context of a work not yet completed, talking about note choice, and like great foreshadowing in a movie we know that he will end up putting in a great bridge,a great sax solo, and the song eventually becomes AABA and one of his greatest works.

Enjoy, including the awkward jump to commercial break.  The final product.


The Young American

Author: Lyle

Feeling both very old and very young at the same time.

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I’ve heard Randy Bachman (yes, the BTO guy) interviewed a few times. In fact, it was perhaps one of the greatest moments on radio I ever remember when I heard him interviewed by Howard Stern many years ago; I couldn’t get out of the car to go into work it was so compelling. He is not only the tremendously accomplished songwriter and musician we know for many years, but he is a great speaker and tells a story well. If you get a chance to hear him talk you should take advantage of it.

Anyway, Guitar Squid has this little YouTube link (audio only) to him talking about a rare opportunity to explore original Beatle’s master tapes. A great story, and it closes with the great sound that reminds us why the Beatles are where they are in music history.

The Neville Brothers were at the Birchmere, this was the second time we saw them there and the third time overall.  They always have put on a very fun, high energy performance, and its always great to see someone as iconic as Aaron Neville perform just a few tables away.  They played about 2 hours, and we were really impressed with the solo work Aaron did at the end; he was well warmed up and knocked a few songs out of the park.

Their version of Iko Iko was fun as always.

This is a review in absentia. Because of travel, a friend of mine went to the show. Her report made me sorry we missed the show. More than two hours of playing, including an encore with six songs, followed by another with three. Lots of covers of old Elvis tunes with the new band, Stones, country tunes, etc. She reports tremendous music, and a very entertaining presence on stage. The Warner Theater is also a great venue for music.

This is the song stuck in my head today.  It pushed out the “Give Me Back That Filet-O-Fish” jingle.  Finally.

YouTube – KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See [LIVE 2005]


Author: Lyle

Nice article on Jeff Beck on USA

After vegging out, guitar god Jeff Beck takes a sharp turn –

We’re looking forward to his tour this summer!

We hadn’t been to the Kennedy Center for a long time.  It’s a great venue to walk around – very recognizable from television (at least in the DC area).  A top tier venue for performances.  The down side is that its about the hardest place to get into if you haven’t been there before.  It’s surrounded by several protective layers of highways with poorly marked entrances like many areas in downtown DC.  It took us three tries to actually get into the parking lot.  We were glad we left plenty of time to get there.

We had great seats, 10th row, and its always very cool to see someone as recognizable as Wynton Marsalis be right on the stage in front of you.

Two sets, first one was mostly Basie tunes. I expected museum pieces, but they were lively and spontaneous. The second set was an original suite inspired by artists (a Monet movement, a Van Gogh movement, etc.). Some were a little too experimental for me, but others were great composition and performance.

The big surprise was how much an ensemble experience it was.  Wynton was the MC for the performance and took a few solos.  But, he was a member of the band and not the star of the show and I think all the players had a chance to solo throughout the night.  It was very cool to see him in this role and we enjoyed the performance very much.

Other perk; the audience was much better behaved than most DC area performances.  Very little moving in and out during the performance and the common distractions of public events.

Saw him perform multiple times with Hall & Oates, as well as Saturday Night Live.  Most recently, he was with Hall & Oates when we saw them last year.  Talented, and a great presence on stage.

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