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The Neville Brothers were at the Birchmere, this was the second time we saw them there and the third time overall.  They always have put on a very fun, high energy performance, and its always great to see someone as iconic as Aaron Neville perform just a few tables away.  They played about 2 hours, and we were really impressed with the solo work Aaron did at the end; he was well warmed up and knocked a few songs out of the park.

Their version of Iko Iko was fun as always.


(Performance was Sunday, August 9, 2009)

Looking for something to do on a Sunday evening, we went to the Birchmere to see the Neville Brothers. We had seen them once before at Merriweather Post, where the acoustics were so had the band was overwhelmed by echos. We had seen Aaron at the Birchmere before, so we knew how cool it was to see him in a small club.

But, to sum up the show in one word, “wow”.

First of all, its somewhat overwhelming to be sitting there with Arron Neville 30 feet in front of you singing.  It’s just a real un — believeable experience.  Then Aaron with his brothers, the whole band lined up.  The set jumps between party songs to hits, to great covers you can’t believe you’re hearing them perform in person.

The Brother John/Iko song is a highlight.  Just puts you right in New Orleans.

We really loved the cover of Bill Wither’s Use Me.  The song has a great groove.  Tell It Like It Is always gets the ladies yelling.

A real surprise – a cover of Hall & Oates Sara Smile (which we heard by the original a few nights ago).  Wow, chills over that one.

We really didn’t want the show to end.  It’s fun thinking about the songs they could do to hear how The Neville Brothers would do them.  So, a few new ones, lots of the ones we love, and some of the ones we don’t know well but are just a great funky groove.  A super show in a great club.  Way better than TV on a Sunday night!