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Wooted Today

Author: Lyle
Woot Screen Shot of Mugs

Woot seems a little ornery today.

You can never have enough coffee mugs, that’s what I always say.  I wooted a few, in case I forget to get someone something for Christmas.

I love the caption on their picture, by the way.  If you don’t regularly shop on Woot, you should at least go there once in a while to read their ad copy each day.  Their writers have both a great sense of humor and way too much time on their hands.



Deep Surplus

Author: Lyle

Found this thanks to my RSS feed from “Cool Tools”.  Nice replacement for Radio Shack, now that it doesn’t sell parts any more.

Bulk Cable, Network Cables, Audio Video Cables, Cat5E, HDMI Cables, Computer Cables, Networking Cables and Structured Wiring, Fiber Optic and more!.

Charged Up

Author: Lyle
Jumper cables from woot, July 21, 2010

Jumper cables from woot, July 21, 2010

Wooted today. Jumper cables. Nice, new, clean ones, one for each car. And, can’t hook them up wrong, they automatically adjust polarity using magic.

Plus, they are blue.  Blue is always good.

Joke’s On Me

Author: Lyle
Bazinga T-Shirt from ThinkGeek

Bazinga T-Shirt from ThinkGeek

The first T-Shirt I’ve felt like buying in 20 years!

In truth, there are a ton of great T-shirts on the ThinkGeek web site, as well as lots of other cool things.  I work at a place where some of there products are used.  Well, at least by a small handful of people looking for distractions in the day from time to time.


We’re still waiting for the iPad we ordered.  The order system being down for maintenance (preventing us from checking the order) is only increasing the tension…

Purchasing Vinyl

Author: Lyle

One the way home I stopped in Joe’s Record Paradise for the first time in years.  It was overwhelming – I couldn’t stay in there long because I could have gotten lost in there for hours.  I stopped in just to see if they had the fluid you use for cleaning vinyl records (which is part of an adventure to be documented later).  I escaped with two LPs I remembered from college and a used CD for the Brazilian jazz collection.  In just five minutes.

I’m glad I stopped in.  They are trying to move locations and I would have assumed they disappeared.

But purchasing vinyl in 2009.  How weird is that?

Passed Woot Number 10

Author: Lyle

I’ve crossed the magic 10 threshold for purchases from Woot! See list.