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Snow Thank You

Author: Lyle

Finally, it feels like we’ve dug out of the mountain of snow that fell here in the past week.  26 inches fell last Friday, than more than another 12 inches fell on Tuesday.  I know this doesn’t seem like much to someone that lives in Denver or Vermont, but in Washington DC this set the record for most annual snowfall.  This is an area where we see snow 4 or 5 times a year, usually just a few inches, and it usually disappears in a day or two as temperatures go back up to the 40s.

I’ve posted some pictures.

Other than muscle soreness from moving tons of snow, we weathered the storm fine.  Our power was out about 4 hours; they purposly took us off line so they could fix someone else’s problem.  While the house cooled off a bit, that’s not nearly as bad as others who were out for days.  And, we’ve been in that boat twice in the past – not good.  Our street was plowed, by our neighbors not the county, so we can get out.  I was able to work from home, so being out of the office was not much of a hardship.

The region went through its usual insanity as the storms came in.  All the milk and toilet paper disappeared from the stores, which lets you know what people really value in life.  But, now that its over we have this common bonding experience to trade stories about and the snow does provide a natural beauty when its deep like this to remind us how amazing the world is when you stop long enough to look at it.  To help with the stress of future storms, I’m documenting the following tips for survival:

  • Weather happens, you can’t control it so just deal with it.
  • Remember what is really valuable, and keep it nearby.  You might have to get out quickly.
  • Be much more critical about what is a necessity, and don’t worry as the non-necessities are unavailable.
  • You can survive without phone and TV as long as you have the Internet.