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So, here’s what happened. has been pointing to a machine in my basement for 4 or 5 years.  That machine was originally a home brew Red Hat Linux box, which eventually died.  It was replaced with an old Dell machine running Ubuntu Linux which is still running admirably and is only rebooted when the power drops.  However, I’ve decided a couple of things:

  1. I don’t have time to perform the admin functions on the machine.
  2. It’s probably cheaper for me to shut off the machine and save the electricity compared to moving everything to a hosting facility.

When you look at all the hack attempts in the log, point number 1 is the main point.

So, now points to a shared server account at GoDaddy.Com and not my house.  I’ve installed WordPress which I’m comfortable with, is very flexible, and provides a ton of features.  And the bandwidth and storage is more than enough for the family, friends, and stalkers out there.

Still a lot to do – skin, content moving, etc.  And, I need to figure out how Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others fit into the mix.  I’ll do all of this in my spare time…