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Recent WordPress Install

25 March, 2005 (00:01) | Hardware | By: Lyle

Some more details…

This site (and some others here) are powered by the wonderful WordPress “blog” content management tools.  The site is currently powered by Red Hat-Apache-PHP-MySQL (the “LAMP” approach), and WordPress is an obvious selection with this framework.  I’ve tried a bunch, and even use Blogger and some other things, but I want to spend less time coding and more time typing.

As I’m learning PHP, this also seems like a nice way to get into it, since the Theme and Plug In approach allow a high degree of tinkering or taking advantage of others’ tinkers.

I have multiple installations set up on this server.  This is achieved by defining multiple MySQL databases and directories before the WordPress install script is run.  The only down side is the multiple theme instances you need to define as they are in a subdirectory to the installation, but over time I think I can probably work with this.

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