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11 August, 2010 (21:47) | Software | By: Lyle

Bloglines Screen Snapshot

Bloglines Screen Snapshot

I’ve been using RSS readers for quite a while.  Anyone that does a lot of web site reading really should, it saves a ton of time previewing what’s new material.  It used to be that many sites didn’t support RSS, or didn’t support it well, but at this point any blog or news site that doesn’t support it is frightfully behind in their programming features.

I’ve tried a number of them over the years on Linux, OS X, and Windows, and most of the browsers or E-mail clients support them now.  But, when you use multiple computers the issue of synchronization inevitably comes up forcing you to consider a server based RSS reader (and, aren’t we all going to be multiple computer users eventually with our phones and pads?).  My favorite is Bloglines, which is a simple layout, well supported across all the browsers I use it with (including phone based ones), and has only been off-line once in all the years I’ve been using it.  I’m a daily user of the program, and have occasionally looked at something else (like Google Reader) and never found a compelling reason to switch to anything else.

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