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RSS Reader – Bloglines

2 April, 2013 (13:29) | Software | By: Lyle

A lot of news lately about Google disconnecting their “Reader” product, an RSS newsfeed aggregator.  In the wake of this, a lot of unhappy customers, and a lot of discussion about how the reason was probably because no one uses RSS anymore.

I use it daily; I use Bloglines as an RSS aggregator.  Fast Company had a good article on this, which linked to an even better one about how to use RSS correctly.  I’m not quite correct (according to the article), but I’m close.  With the exception of Yahoo’s news feed, I’ve killed off all the large volume content creators.  Most of them have retreated behind paid firewalls anyway.  As Marco Arment’s article points out, they are best for infrequently updated sites, and that is where I find a lot of value to them.

So, live on RSS!  And, subscribe to mine: [main][technical][travel].

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