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Omni Graffle Stencil for Scrum Boards

14 November, 2014 (13:55) | Software | By: Lyle

Stencil SnapshotI was building some image files of scrum boards I’m using to help manage things, and wondered if there was something in Graffletopia for this.  Graffletopia is a fantastic resource for OmniGraffle users, and OmniGraffle is a great program for creating image files.  The simple description is that its a Visio-like drawing tool that uses a drag-and-drop stencil/template metaphor as its user interface.  I prefer it to Visio; its affordable and renders really sharply when pasted into other applications from its OS X platform.  And, Visio is not available unless you are running Microsoft Windows.

The stencil is simple; the “board” which lets you move tasks from left to right to show progress, and the “post-it notes” where you can write the task, along with a place for date and “owner” (or some other tag you find useful).  I used a couple different colors, some people like using colors for categorization, and I placed the background as a group and a distinct box in case someone wants more stages than the three simple ones I have.

Finished Image from Stencil

I was a little reluctant to post this to Graffletopia because of the trivial nature of the stencil.  However, I thought if you searched Graffletopic for “agile” or “scrum” something should come up.  Leave a comment or Email me if you have questions.

Scrum Board stencil

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