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Changed Twitter Widget

9 July, 2015 (00:44) | Software | By: Lyle

I just disabled the widget Twitter for WordPress on my personal WordPress site, and replaced with the one Easy Twitter Feed Widget.  I preferred the Twitter for WordPress I was using; it was simpler configuration and didn’t try and have a lot of its own formatting so it was easy to fit in as a menu item with the other sidebar items.  You’ll notice the Twitter feed here on the Technical Journal contains very tiny versions of my Twitter account icon, for example, which Twitter for WordPress did not.

However, Twitter for WordPress stopped working with an upgrade to WordPress.  The Technical Journal was upgraded a while ago and I tried a number of widgets and settled on this “easy” one.  Now that the personal journal has been upgraded the Twitter feed stopped working as well, so I had to do the same trick.

I don’t hold it against the Twitter for WordPress authors – not a lot of incentive for them to keep up with WordPress upgrades for a free sidebar plug in.  Their last update was 2009.  So, thanks to them for their hard work, and thanks to Easy Twitter for their hard work as well as we move forward together.

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