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GoDaddy WordPress Service

24 July, 2015 (00:59) | Services | By: Lyle

I’m in the process of relocating my travel log from Blogger to another folder I’ve set up with a copy of WordPress.  I did this all from the GoDaddy account management page.  They’ve really improved their management tools, and it was completely easy to do.  The only mistake I made was getting impatient with the time it was taking, changing the database password, which then got the script GoDaddy was running out of synch.  It might have been easier to change the database password back, but instead I edited the configuration file.  Six of one kind of thing.

Kudos to GoDaddy for improvements to the management tools.  Last time I used them they seemed like an unrelated assortment of acquired things.  It was much more seamless using it this time and save me a lot of keeping track of things.

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