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Category: Services

FIOS Gig-Ethernet Installation

30 July, 2019 (15:17) | Hardware, Services | By: Lyle

My DSL line served me well, almost 20 years. It lived through 4 different ISPs, each getting bought and sold along the way, but always the same circuit. When it was first installed I felt like the fastest man on the Internet. 1.5M downloads, 786K uploads, low latency. That was a long time ago. The […]

GoDaddy WordPress Service

24 July, 2015 (00:59) | Services | By: Lyle

I’m in the process of relocating my travel log from Blogger to another folder I’ve set up with a copy of WordPress.  I did this all from the GoDaddy account management page.  They’ve really improved their management tools, and it was completely easy to do.  The only mistake I made was getting impatient with the […]

Google Maps Changed, Now I Have To

18 November, 2014 (12:16) | Services | By: Lyle

Google has changed their maps program (browser version) in a pretty substantial way.  For a while, they were running “classic maps” next to the new map function, so there was no reason to explore the new version.  Now, they’ve shut down the classic version and only support the new version. I haven’t spent much time […]

In Flight WiFi on Southwest

7 September, 2014 (23:18) | Services | By: Lyle

Traveling for work, and in the middle a big crunch so I spent the 8 bucks to use the in flight WiFi Southwest has as a service on most of their newer planes.  Two flights, about 5 hours in the air, so $1.60 an hour to stay connected seems acceptable.  I’ve mostly ignored paid WiFi […]

Checklist for Changing Email Accounts

22 January, 2013 (10:16) | Services | By: Lyle

Here’s mine: Make sure the new Email is set up; test that you can send and receive from it. Make a list of all the places and people that you can to make sure can find the new address: Walk your address book and send each person a message from the new account letting them […]

Technorati Track Back Ping

8 July, 2009 (15:45) | Services | By: Lyle

nsk5i72hjv Technorati says I need to have a post with the above important text in it for them to connect to my blog.  So, here you go.

More on FIOS

14 April, 2005 (14:18) | Services | By: Lyle

Talked with a friend tonight who is up on Verizon’s Fios service. So, it does exist! He’s very happy, it’s very cheap. As you surf around you’ll find out that this cheap, high-speed services does not provide a fixed IP. You can get one, but then it’s a $100 service (according to Internet hearsay), so, […]