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Category: Software

GoDaddy Unexpected Database Changes

19 September, 2015 (16:41) | Software | By: Lyle

GoDaddy seems to have moved some servers unexpectedly. A number of my web sites (WordPress) all went offline. I wasn’t sure of what the cause was when noticed – I couldn’t remember all those database passwords to get into PHPmyAdmin to figure out what was going on and GoDaddy has no contact mechanism now except calling […]

A Test of MapPress Easy Maps

9 July, 2015 (01:16) | Software | By: Lyle

Related to an earlier post on Google Maps, which changed to something unusable for me, this is a test of a WordPress widget for imbedding a map in WordPress content.  If this seems usable, I will most likely migrate my travel log out of Blogger to a site here in my lschofield domain.  This will give […]

Changed Twitter Widget

9 July, 2015 (00:44) | Software | By: Lyle

I just disabled the widget Twitter for WordPress on my personal WordPress site, and replaced with the one Easy Twitter Feed Widget.  I preferred the Twitter for WordPress I was using; it was simpler configuration and didn’t try and have a lot of its own formatting so it was easy to fit in as a menu item […]

Omni Graffle Stencil for Scrum Boards

14 November, 2014 (13:55) | Software | By: Lyle

I was building some image files of scrum boards I’m using to help manage things, and wondered if there was something in Graffletopia for this.  Graffletopia is a fantastic resource for OmniGraffle users, and OmniGraffle is a great program for creating image files.  The simple description is that its a Visio-like drawing tool that uses […]

Disabling Caps Lock Key in OS X

23 January, 2014 (14:37) | Hardware, Software | By: Lyle

I don’t see much of a need for a caps lock key.  It’s pretty rare for me to need to type a continuous string of upper case letters, I don’t think I can remember needing this unless I rewind the memory tapes all the way back to terminal sessions where the application or compiler didn’t […]

Xcode Compile/Neon/Subversion

11 June, 2013 (11:53) | Software | By: Lyle

On a long path to get subversion working in Eclipse on OS X. Command line SVN is not working because the command line client is too old. Found great instructions on this here.  Thanks Jason McCreary for this, great instructions. Neon fails, seems to be because I’m missing Xcode command line tools.  “No acceptable C […]

Copying Music Purchased on iPhone to iTunes Library

9 June, 2013 (19:51) | Software | By: Lyle

My iPhone 4S has never had the software updated on it since purchase (18 months or so).  When the iOS v6 upgrade came out with its debacle on the Maps application, I never bothered.  My experience with my iPhone 3GS was that at some point an iOS upgrade kills the machine, as they keep adding […]

RSS Reader – Bloglines

2 April, 2013 (13:29) | Software | By: Lyle

A lot of news lately about Google disconnecting their “Reader” product, an RSS newsfeed aggregator.  In the wake of this, a lot of unhappy customers, and a lot of discussion about how the reason was probably because no one uses RSS anymore. I use it daily; I use Bloglines as an RSS aggregator.  Fast Company […]

Apple Air Drop

4 November, 2012 (23:36) | Software | By: Lyle

The machines have been on a scattered assortment of 10.x OS’s, some because of hardware limitations, some because its a lot of trouble to upgrade when you’re busy with other things.  But, the older machines are starting to be used seldom, and the newer machines are 10.7 or later now.  Transferring files with the USB […]

Monitoring Network Traffic

13 October, 2012 (18:31) | Software | By: Lyle

This may apply to OS X only, but maybe Unix/Linux as well. My DSL service is pretty low end by today’s standards, around 786K bandwidth compared to the bazillion G per second of FIOS or whatever.  It’s always been fine, you only really notice its low end when downloading something really big like streaming HD […]