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Tag: Firewire

Moshi FireWire 800 to 400 Adapter

15 January, 2012 (18:25) | Hardware | By: Lyle

In the move from the old Mac Book Pro to the new Mac Book Pro, the Firewire 400 port was eliminated as part of the normal technology progress of Apple products.  This creates the problem of having two Firewire 400 external hard drives I use for music files that I can’t plug into the new […]

Broken Video on a Mac Book Pro

18 October, 2009 (22:37) | Hardware | By: Lyle

Recent disasters and recovery of a failed video chip on a Mac Book Pro restore my faith in regular backups and leave me impressed with Apple Care.  This is a quick accounting of events and resolution.

Starting OS X as a Firewire Drive

9 September, 2009 (23:39) | Software | By: Lyle

OS X has a couple of ways to bypass the normal starup process from your main boot device.  One extremely useful one (for reasons discussed in a later post) is to start up OS X in “Firewire Target Mode”.  If you hold down the “T” key when powering up, the machine will start up as […]

Review: Western Digital “My Book” 1 TB External Drive

6 July, 2009 (11:50) | Hardware | By: Lyle

Product: Western Digital My Book Home Edition 1 TB External Hard Drive Link: I’ve outpaced what I can back up on my original Accodata 160 G external Firewire drive, and went looking for a replacement.  I didn’t have a specific brand or model I was looking for since the Accodata drive, which I had […]