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Tag: Review

More on MacJournal

23 May, 2011 (15:47) | Software | By: Lyle

I’ve been using Mac Journal for a little more than a week now. The basic editing and management features are very good. I’m very happy with this as a basic journalling tool. I’ve also figured out all the server configuration issues, successfully posting articles to both WordPress as well as Blogger/BlogSpot. The editor is weak […]

Testing MacJournal

11 May, 2011 (11:48) | Software | By: Lyle

With dozens of journals spread all over the place I’m looking for a way to simplify management of them. I’ve considered writing a database myself for this purpose, but would want to avoid this if possible. I came across “MacJournal” (from, and maybe, which has very positive marks from MacWorld and CNET. Simple […]


11 August, 2010 (21:47) | Software | By: Lyle

I’ve been using RSS readers for quite a while.  Anyone that does a lot of web site reading really should, it saves a ton of time previewing what’s new material.  It used to be that many sites didn’t support RSS, or didn’t support it well, but at this point any blog or news site that […]

Delicious Library 2

26 September, 2009 (17:26) | Software | By: Lyle

Is this a common problem?  You are in a book store, or a record store (yes, I still go to record stores), and you see something you like but you’re not sure if you bought it before?  Probably not too common, especially for a modern music purchaser who downloads from web sites and doesn’t go […]

Review: Western Digital “My Book” 1 TB External Drive

6 July, 2009 (11:50) | Hardware | By: Lyle

Product: Western Digital My Book Home Edition 1 TB External Hard Drive Link: I’ve outpaced what I can back up on my original Accodata 160 G external Firewire drive, and went looking for a replacement.  I didn’t have a specific brand or model I was looking for since the Accodata drive, which I had […]

Review: Logitech MX 1000 Laser Mouse

24 April, 2005 (23:48) | Hardware | By: Lyle

A review of the Logitech MX 1000 Laser Mouse, for OS X.

Hardware: Review: Altec Lansing AHS-302 Stereo Headset

19 February, 2005 (12:45) | Hardware | By: Lyle

Description: Collapsable headset with stereo input/headphones and integrated microphone boom with separate mic plug. In wanting to look at voice of IP applications, I wanted to pick up a headset that was a little higher quality than the El Cheapo brand I had picked up at a swap meet at one point. Best Buy had […]