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Tag: software

Apple Air Drop

4 November, 2012 (23:36) | Software | By: Lyle

The machines have been on a scattered assortment of 10.x OS’s, some because of hardware limitations, some because its a lot of trouble to upgrade when you’re busy with other things.  But, the older machines are starting to be used seldom, and the newer machines are 10.7 or later now.  Transferring files with the USB […]

Mac Journal Purchased

6 June, 2011 (15:45) | Software | By: Lyle

The experience with Mac Journal was very positive, and ended up purchasing a license. It greatly centralizes personal journaling/writing, and is a lightweight word processor which saves resource cycles waiting for programs to launch and do their thing. Also found out there is an escape function to allow HTML to be inserted into documents, which […]