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Tag: SVN

Xcode Compile/Neon/Subversion

11 June, 2013 (11:53) | Software | By: Lyle

On a long path to get subversion working in Eclipse on OS X. Command line SVN is not working because the command line client is too old. Found great instructions on this here.  Thanks Jason McCreary for this, great instructions. Neon fails, seems to be because I’m missing Xcode command line tools.  “No acceptable C […]

Subversion for OS X

24 August, 2010 (23:33) | Software | By: Lyle

I’m not a heavy user of Subversion, so forgive me for not being part of the prevailing “use the command line” crowd recommendations in OS X (and probably most Unix/Linux users as well). I was using SmartSVN for a while – so long that the open source version I was using seems to have been […]