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Restaurant: Market Street Grill, SLC

Market Street Grill Interior, Downtown SLC Location

Market Street Grill Interior, Downtown SLC Location

Location: 48 West Market Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: (801) 322-4668

Dinner with colleagues.  A not-low-end seafood restaurant.

When we first got there the sun was out and streaming through the windows, making the decor white, bright, and fairly cafeteria in feeling sitting at a booth in the back.  It didn’t make sense to me for the prices on the menu.  Then the sun went down and the interior lighting took over.  Neon colored fish shaped wall sconces and the bright walls made a very hip looking interior.  I wish we waited for the sun to come down, the first impression would have been a lot better.

Had some “Maryland style” crab cakes as an appetizer, shared around with my fellow Maryland-home friends.  All agreed they missed the mark of feeling like they were from home.  Not enough Old Bay, wrong mustard, not a lot of lump meat.  But someone from Utah probably thought they were good enough.

Very good salad, and grilled salmon which might have been a special (giant signs on the wall), but was perfect and they didn’t do the “too much salt when cooking” thing so many places do.  Extremely happy with the meal, the server was exceptionally good as well; super friendly but hidden when we didn’t need her.


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Starbucks, SLC Near Temple

Just another Starbucks, plenty of seating on street level near the nice shopping mall.

Restaurant: Gracies, SLC

Address: 326 West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: (801) 819-7565

Just here for drinks with colleagues.  Kind of big, large outdoor seating area, tables with umbrellas, indoor space and very large bar.  Upstairs an outside deck, inside bar, outside bar, more seating, TVs.  Parts of it had a sports bar vibe, but overall a casual impression.

Don’t think I can blame the place for this, but Salt Lake City needs to figure out how to have bars.  Its great you can actually get a drink now, but there’s still something weird in how they ask you “an ounce or an ounce and a half”.  Makes for a very tiny martini, which explains why it had multiple twists and olives in it.

Super bonus for live jazz on Monday night.  Could hear it coming up the street as they were in the outdoor area (a very nice night for sitting out).  4 or 5 guys blowing standards, but were pretty good and it made for great atmosphere when sitting outside.

Restaurant: Vue Lounge, Dana Point CA

Address: 25135 Park Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629

The Dana Point resort attached diner off the lobby had a downstairs dining room and an upstairs lounge, this is a review of the lounge upstairs.  A large, roundish space with a deck outside high over the hill looking west to the marina and Pacific Ocean.  I was there in November, off-season cold by California opinion, wonderfully warm and comfortable by this Marylander’s opinion.

I sat at the “outside” bar; there was a large window behind the bar which slide open to create a bar on the outside.  I was the only one apparently who thought it was warm enough to sit outside.  Probably really too cool to sit there, but there was warmth coming out from inside so it was fine.  Menu was an expected upscale selection of bar food; sandwiches, burgers, flatbreads, appetizers, etc.

Nice mixed greens salad and fish tacos.  Both great.  Fish tacos are funny, such a wide variety of what they can be, although I guess that’s true about regular tacos as well once you get away from Taco Bell kind of places.  These were nice fresh grilled white fish, nice greens, some marinated things, sin dried tomatoes.  A great mix of tastes.

Restaurant: Chart House, Dana Point

Address: 34442 Street of the Green Lantern, Dana Point, CA

This is not a fair evaluation; I was there with a large work group and we had a pre-selected menu that was pretty basic which is not really what it would be like to go there.  One would worry that its the kind of place that coasts on a location and not really the strength of the kitchen.

But, wow, what a location.  Sits on top of a cliff south of Laguna Beach in southern California, overlooking the Dana Point marina and then down the coast of California. A strange, round, concrete and glass building that reminded me more of a Star Wars cantina than a chart house, but lots of views and with the glorious southern Cal weather lots of places to stand and sit outside.

We had a choice of chicken, fish (salmon), or beef, and I had the salmon which had a orangish-glaze and was served with jasmine rice.  Nice salad, stiff drinks, raspberry sorbet.  It was a nice experience, but it wasn’t really a chance for the chef to show off or to get a sense of what the signature food of the place was.  There was a large salad bar that we didn’t have access to and a nice display of wines as you walked through which we also didn’t have access to.

So, enjoyable, but would need to go back to figure out if it was good.  One or two locals did not speak highly of the place when dinner choices were discussed.  “A good place for drinks but there’s better food cheaper elsewhere”.  Unable to verify.

Hotel: Austin Hilton

City: Austin, TX
Chain: Hilton
Property: Hilton Convention Center
Phone Number:

Check Out: April 21, 2006

9 stars out of 10

Attached to the convention center in Houston, near the 7th street section of dining and entertainment.

Finn & Porter dining is very nice, emphasis on sushi & steak.

Rooms very nice (in a business way), quiet, comfortable. Lobby is large and not really inviting – dark lighting, tends to be somewhat chaotic with crowds. Starbucks in the lobby.


  • Safety: 1
  • Dining: 1, both room service & dining good.
  • Bar: 1
  • Internet: 1, $12 daily – over priced. Wired or wireless.
  • Wireless in Common Areas: 1
  • Work Space, Power: 1
  • Shower: 1
  • Air Conditioning, Bed: 1
  • Common Areas: 1

Total: 9

Original URL: Hotel: Austin Hilton
Original Date: Saturday, April 29, 2006

Restaurant: Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

City: Austin, Texas
Location: 303 Red River
Phone: 512.236.9599

August 10, 2004

Another business dinner with a group that was attending a convention.

This may be one of the most deceptive restaurants I have ever been in. From the outside, it is a small group of buildings that seems like a house and some sheds. As you get closer, you see that some people are sitting outside. Then, when you see the valet out front you realize its something more than a drinking place.

Moonshine is located very close (kind of across the street, but in the back) to the convention center in Austin. It is not too expensive, with a varied menu, and you have your choice of sitting inside or outside. The atmosphere is casual, the clients are a mix of business people and locals. The wait staff are pretty casual, but boy are they knowledgeable!

Our waiter that night (Steve) was one of those that memorizes the orders instead of writing them down. But he had the whole menu down, and made great recommendations to everyone about what to order (I had a fish special from the gulf — a “drumhead” fish I believe) and made a tremendous wine recommendation. The dishes were a little creative but very good, the wine went well, and the service was top notch.

A great dining experience!

Visited again April 20, 2006. Meat loaf made with ground buffalo. Very good!

(Original URL: Restaurant: Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill)

Restaurant: Dan McKlusky’s Restaurant

City: Austin, Texas
Location: 301 East 6th Street at San Jacinto
Phone: 512.473.8924

(Update: CLOSED according to Yelp)

Had dinner here with some collegues, within an easy walking distance from the Austin Convention Center. 6th street is kind of a happenin’ area in Austin, with lots of places to eat and drink, live music coming from a couple of different places, and only a few outposts of questionable taste (nothing too embarrassing).

Everyone else had steak, I had seafood to be different (a haddock special, I believe). Food was great, not too expensive, and it was a nice place to sit in. Dark wood, pretty big, and overlooked the street outside for a little people watching.

(Original URL: Restaurant: Dan McKlusky’s Restaurant)

(Original Post Date: 8/9/2004)

Restaurant: Chango’s, Austin

City: Austin, Texas
Location: 3023 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78705
Phone: 512.480.TACO

Second time back to this place, which we found just by accident last year looking for something local (non-national chain) for lunch. We wondered if it was as good as we remembered it, and it more than exceeded expecations.

Chango’s is a small casual place near the college section of Austin specializing in Tex-Mex food. The place is clean, fast, and makes great food. Lunch was probably 8 bucks or less for a large burrito and a taco (I wanted to try the Shrimp taco, which was new or a special I think). They give you a lot of food, it’s prepared fresh, and it is really good. You tell them how spicy you want the food, and there are a selection of hot sauces to adjust as needed. One caution, what they consider “mild” is what I would consider “medium”. This is an adjustment anyone from the east coast needs to make when visiting Texas and the southwest!

Chango’s sits right on the road and parking is easy. They also have free wireless Internet access for someone that wants to sit there for a while. Gets crowded around lunch, but outside the lunch rush its usually easy to claim a table for a while.

(Original URL: Restaurant: Chango’s)

(Original date; August 2004)

Restaurant: Thai 9, Dayton, Ohio

Location: Dayton, OH
Web Site:

Unbelievably great place for Thai and Sushi in downtown Dayton. 4 of us ordered a la carte so much stuff they brought it on a table top Viking ship! I found out I liked barbecued eel. Who knew?

Earlier in the week haad more traditional Thai dish – curry. They ask you to order from 1 to 10 spiciness. I ordered a 3 – hot enough to make my nose run.

(Originally posted here 10/23/2003)