Restaurant: Rumbi Island Grill, Murray, UT

Restaurant: Rumbi Island Grill
Web Site:
Address:  5269 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Phone:  (801) 266-5700

Note quite a cafeteria, not quite a restaurant.  It’s fast food-ish, where you order at the front, they hand you a number, you sit down, and they bring you your food when its done.   Decorated in a “beach bum” style, with fake grass huts, surfboards, etc.

Was a good choice, I was jonesing for fish tacos, and they’re were sloppy but good.  Some kind of coconut/mango salsa on it, nicely done fish, but dripped a lot of juice.  Not very expensive, I think lunch was about $12 with a drink.  I’d go back for a quick lunch that wasn’t the normal burger thing.  Oh, they did burgers too.  Didn’t try them.

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