Restaurant: Chart House, Dana Point

Address: 34442 Street of the Green Lantern, Dana Point, CA

This is not a fair evaluation; I was there with a large work group and we had a pre-selected menu that was pretty basic which is not really what it would be like to go there.  One would worry that its the kind of place that coasts on a location and not really the strength of the kitchen.

But, wow, what a location.  Sits on top of a cliff south of Laguna Beach in southern California, overlooking the Dana Point marina and then down the coast of California. A strange, round, concrete and glass building that reminded me more of a Star Wars cantina than a chart house, but lots of views and with the glorious southern Cal weather lots of places to stand and sit outside.

We had a choice of chicken, fish (salmon), or beef, and I had the salmon which had a orangish-glaze and was served with jasmine rice.  Nice salad, stiff drinks, raspberry sorbet.  It was a nice experience, but it wasn’t really a chance for the chef to show off or to get a sense of what the signature food of the place was.  There was a large salad bar that we didn’t have access to and a nice display of wines as you walked through which we also didn’t have access to.

So, enjoyable, but would need to go back to figure out if it was good.  One or two locals did not speak highly of the place when dinner choices were discussed.  “A good place for drinks but there’s better food cheaper elsewhere”.  Unable to verify.

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