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I am not an expert on airplanes, the airplane business, or airport operations. I wouldn’t even call myself an experienced traveler, as I only log around 50,000 miles a year which is nothing compared to half to full time travelers.  I am just someone with an engineering background who has a higher than average interest in airplanes.

I love the experience of flying, from the people watching in airports, to watching the world go by below the window. Over the years I have always paid attention to the equipment I’m on, getting around in airports, and I have my favorites and not-so-favorites. I’ve also taken pictures and recorded the things I’ve done along the way, and I’ve been wanting to get a lot of this information sorted and organized.

So, I’ve built this little site in a blog-style since it seems like a somewhat natural way to organize these things — a log of travel events using blog software to publish logs. I’m keeping track of flights, equipment, and airports. I’ve also dumped info in here about restaurants and hotels to help me keep track of which ones are worth using in the future.

I’m doing this to keep records, allowing me to search through to the past and identify things in cities I might visit again in the future. If you find something useful in here also, then so much the better.

You can leave a comment if you are not a robot or spammer and I will most likely approve it.   Other contact information can be found here.

Note that the information prior to July 2015 was posted on a Blogger (Google) hosted site, and started out there quite some time ago.  I’ve left it there, but it became too hard to use Blogger as I’ve become more dependent on server programming and have become quite attached to WordPress software.  I think Blogger is a good service and recommend it a lot, but its also not uncommon for people to outgrow it as they pursue customization of their site.

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