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Restaurant: Harbor Seafood & Steak Company

Restaurant: Harbor Seafood & Steak Company
Web Site:
Address: 2302 S Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Phone: 801-466-9827

Met a friend for dinner, it was a Thursday evening and I’m guessing a little slow.  Several empty tables.

Service staff were great; very helpful explaining the menu, not too disruptive when we were trying to talk, etc.  Good at helping us navigate the menu; neither of us had been there before.

Menu is pretty standard for s steakhouse, everything is a la cart and some of the steak cuts broke the 40$ mark.  Yikes!

Had a salad which was fantastic, fresh, and very attractively presented.  Entree was “fish and chips” which was of course more elegant than typical for this English take out food.  But, perfect pieces of fish and perfectly cooked.


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Still setting up, but this will be the new home of the travel information I collect.  More work than I need to do, but I’m forced into it with the recent changes in Google Maps.  I now need another map solution since the formerly convenient HTML line you could paste into Blogger is no longer available.  I’ve decided to use a WordPress plug in for map links to get some control over the content and formatting (and hopefully, insulation from future changes).

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