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Restaurant: FireLake (Mall of America)

Restaurant: FireLake Grill House & Cocktail Bar
Web Site: http://www.firelakerestaurant.com/moa.php
Address: 2100 Killebrew Dr, Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: (952) 851-4040

Minnesota’s Mall of America is largely a touristy place. A lot of the local population avoids it and it is a big production getting in and out of the mall because of its size. In the mall, most of the food vendors are typical national chains with the same menus they have anywhere. FireLake is a local “chain”, two locations: the mall and downtown Minneapolis.

FireLake is not in the mall proper but attached to the mall and part of the Raddison hotel directly connected. The decor is slick, with a lot of natural stone, wood, and glass looking south from the hotel. Very full bar service with a more than expected whiskey list. There must have been at least 200 available on the list, broken in to Scotch, Bourbon, and “Whiskey” as an “other” category.

We were in during a weekday evening in September, so well past tourist season. It was not very crowded and the service was very attentive and the timing was a nice leisurely meal. This is probably good, the interior was largely hard surfaces and I imagine it gets pretty noisy there if the place is full.

FireLake Honey Glazed Salmon
FireLake Honey Glazed Salmon

Two very nicely presented salads, very fresh and well put together. The local fish, walleye, was panko-crusted and exceptionally cooked. The salmon was a special, glazed with honey from bees kept on the roof somehow (not sure how they find their way down from that tall building). The salmon was a little sweeter than I would have liked, but that’s OK and mostly personal preference.

A nice wine list reasonably priced. All together a nice evening and not really expensive considering the location, service, and the excellent job of the kitchen.

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Restaurant: Limerick Diner

Restaurant: Limerick Diner
Web Site: https://www.limerickdiner.com
Address: 411 W Ridge Pike, Limerick, PA 19468
Phone: (610) 489-3500

The Limerick Diner has been there longer than I’ve been walking this planet.  The quick description is that it is a classic American Diner, with a menu longer than your arm.  More detail is that is it open 24 hours (and breakfast is all day long), with full bar service and all the pie you could eat.

It’s easy to find, and just a few minutes off route 422.  Given that this part of 422 is mostly chain restaurants if you don’t know the area its worth driving a few minutes off the highway to find something more interesting.  The place is large, and on some nights the bar area has things going on like trivia contests or karaoke.

The menu has everything; all the breakfast foods, every sandwich, wrap, salad, burger, pasta you could think of quickly, entrees, etc.  The menu is kind of overwhelming it takes so long to absorb.  It’s easier for me to just tell them what I’m in the mood for knowing its on the menu somewhere.

Service is good – everyone is very friendly – and the meals are reasonably priced and all that I’ve had are well done.

Restaurant: Midtown Cafe, Nashville TN

Restaurant: Midtown Cafe
Web Site: http://www.midtowncafe.com/
Address: 102 19th Ave., South, Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-320-7176

A business dinner in a well established downtown restaurant.  What I liked most was the old school, professional service.  A menu item I remember was a french toast looking thing that was polenta done in the style of fried mozzarella sticks.  Really a great taste.

Nothing to dislike.  The menu was a good collection of different dishes, everyone seemed to enjoy their meal.  Not a real large place, but it was a nice place to sit and talk.  Would recommend it to others.

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