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Restaurant: St. Boni’s Bistro

Restaurant: St Boni’s Bistro
Web Site: https://stbonibistro.com
Address: 8516 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Saint Bonifacius, MN 55375
Phone: (952) 446-1600

We were on a long drive through the Minnesota countryside, on our way to The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota (which is a story for another day). It was one of those stretches of rural highway without many places to stop except the occasional gas station. We were going to pop into a Subway when a work call interrupted us enough to bother looking at a map and seeing we were a few blocks off the beaten path from St. Boni’s Bistro.

This is not a place that is visible from the highway, back a block behind a park. However, well worth a stop. Its a small neighborhood place and has a little of everything. A wide variety of tea, coffee including a really nice nitro cold coffee, a varied menu, indoor and outdoor seating. Its clearly a hangout for the little town of Saint Bonifacius, which is one of those nice salt-of-the-earth towns that are all over the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

We hit it at late lunch time, so it was pretty quiet. Shrimp tacos were top notch, holding together to eat like a sandwich and not dripping with juice. A quinoa salad with chicken was a very healthy portion. Service was extremely helpful and friendly, the atmosphere was kitschy and fun.

A place that would be recommended no matter where it would be located. In its current location its a great find out in the country and worth a bit of a detour as you drive along.

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Restaurant: Limerick Diner

Restaurant: Limerick Diner
Web Site: https://www.limerickdiner.com
Address: 411 W Ridge Pike, Limerick, PA 19468
Phone: (610) 489-3500

The Limerick Diner has been there longer than I’ve been walking this planet.  The quick description is that it is a classic American Diner, with a menu longer than your arm.  More detail is that is it open 24 hours (and breakfast is all day long), with full bar service and all the pie you could eat.

It’s easy to find, and just a few minutes off route 422.  Given that this part of 422 is mostly chain restaurants if you don’t know the area its worth driving a few minutes off the highway to find something more interesting.  The place is large, and on some nights the bar area has things going on like trivia contests or karaoke.

The menu has everything; all the breakfast foods, every sandwich, wrap, salad, burger, pasta you could think of quickly, entrees, etc.  The menu is kind of overwhelming it takes so long to absorb.  It’s easier for me to just tell them what I’m in the mood for knowing its on the menu somewhere.

Service is good – everyone is very friendly – and the meals are reasonably priced and all that I’ve had are well done.

Restaurant: GR Kitchen, Midvale, UT

Restaurant: GR Kitchen
Web Site: http://eatgrkitchen.com
Address: 702 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT
Phone: 801-352-7406

Chipotle concept with greek food. Bowl or pita, pick a protein, pick toppings, etc. But, its greek food not fake Mexican, and the quality was very high. Server steered me toward a kale salad which was awesome. Went there on business based on Yelp reviews, and were disappointed that its really a fast food atmosphere, but the the food was very good and it ended up being OK because it wasn’t crowded. It was a very good value/quality point, would eat there again if I didn’t need table service.


Restaurant: Gracies, SLC

Address: 326 West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: (801) 819-7565
Website: http://www.graciesslc.com

Just here for drinks with colleagues.  Kind of big, large outdoor seating area, tables with umbrellas, indoor space and very large bar.  Upstairs an outside deck, inside bar, outside bar, more seating, TVs.  Parts of it had a sports bar vibe, but overall a casual impression.

Don’t think I can blame the place for this, but Salt Lake City needs to figure out how to have bars.  Its great you can actually get a drink now, but there’s still something weird in how they ask you “an ounce or an ounce and a half”.  Makes for a very tiny martini, which explains why it had multiple twists and olives in it.

Super bonus for live jazz on Monday night.  Could hear it coming up the street as they were in the outdoor area (a very nice night for sitting out).  4 or 5 guys blowing standards, but were pretty good and it made for great atmosphere when sitting outside.

Restaurant: Chango’s, Austin

City: Austin, Texas
Location: 3023 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78705
Phone: 512.480.TACO
Website: changos.com

Second time back to this place, which we found just by accident last year looking for something local (non-national chain) for lunch. We wondered if it was as good as we remembered it, and it more than exceeded expecations.

Chango’s is a small casual place near the college section of Austin specializing in Tex-Mex food. The place is clean, fast, and makes great food. Lunch was probably 8 bucks or less for a large burrito and a taco (I wanted to try the Shrimp taco, which was new or a special I think). They give you a lot of food, it’s prepared fresh, and it is really good. You tell them how spicy you want the food, and there are a selection of hot sauces to adjust as needed. One caution, what they consider “mild” is what I would consider “medium”. This is an adjustment anyone from the east coast needs to make when visiting Texas and the southwest!

Chango’s sits right on the road and parking is easy. They also have free wireless Internet access for someone that wants to sit there for a while. Gets crowded around lunch, but outside the lunch rush its usually easy to claim a table for a while.

(Original URL: Restaurant: Chango’s)

(Original date; August 2004)

Restaurant: Rumbi Island Grill, Murray, UT

Restaurant: Rumbi Island Grill
Web Site: rumbi.com
Address:  5269 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Phone:  (801) 266-5700

Note quite a cafeteria, not quite a restaurant.  It’s fast food-ish, where you order at the front, they hand you a number, you sit down, and they bring you your food when its done.   Decorated in a “beach bum” style, with fake grass huts, surfboards, etc.

Was a good choice, I was jonesing for fish tacos, and they’re were sloppy but good.  Some kind of coconut/mango salsa on it, nicely done fish, but dripped a lot of juice.  Not very expensive, I think lunch was about $12 with a drink.  I’d go back for a quick lunch that wasn’t the normal burger thing.  Oh, they did burgers too.  Didn’t try them.