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Restaurant: Vue Lounge, Dana Point CA

Address: 25135 Park Lantern, Dana Point, CA 92629
URL: www.marriott.com

The Dana Point resort attached diner off the lobby had a downstairs dining room and an upstairs lounge, this is a review of the lounge upstairs.  A large, roundish space with a deck outside high over the hill looking west to the marina and Pacific Ocean.  I was there in November, off-season cold by California opinion, wonderfully warm and comfortable by this Marylander’s opinion.

I sat at the “outside” bar; there was a large window behind the bar which slide open to create a bar on the outside.  I was the only one apparently who thought it was warm enough to sit outside.  Probably really too cool to sit there, but there was warmth coming out from inside so it was fine.  Menu was an expected upscale selection of bar food; sandwiches, burgers, flatbreads, appetizers, etc.

Nice mixed greens salad and fish tacos.  Both great.  Fish tacos are funny, such a wide variety of what they can be, although I guess that’s true about regular tacos as well once you get away from Taco Bell kind of places.  These were nice fresh grilled white fish, nice greens, some marinated things, sin dried tomatoes.  A great mix of tastes.