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Restaurant: Limerick Diner

Restaurant: Limerick Diner
Web Site: https://www.limerickdiner.com
Address: 411 W Ridge Pike, Limerick, PA 19468
Phone: (610) 489-3500

The Limerick Diner has been there longer than I’ve been walking this planet.  The quick description is that it is a classic American Diner, with a menu longer than your arm.  More detail is that is it open 24 hours (and breakfast is all day long), with full bar service and all the pie you could eat.

It’s easy to find, and just a few minutes off route 422.  Given that this part of 422 is mostly chain restaurants if you don’t know the area its worth driving a few minutes off the highway to find something more interesting.  The place is large, and on some nights the bar area has things going on like trivia contests or karaoke.

The menu has everything; all the breakfast foods, every sandwich, wrap, salad, burger, pasta you could think of quickly, entrees, etc.  The menu is kind of overwhelming it takes so long to absorb.  It’s easier for me to just tell them what I’m in the mood for knowing its on the menu somewhere.

Service is good – everyone is very friendly – and the meals are reasonably priced and all that I’ve had are well done.

Hotel: Hampton Inn, Limerick PA

City: Limerick, Pennsylvania
Chain: Hilton (Hampton Inn)
Address: 430 West Linfield Trappe Rd, Limerick, PA 19468
Phone Number: 610.495.6999

Check Out: August 8, 2015

At this point there is a lot of familiarity to Hampton Inn’s; I use them a lot for work and when you don’t know the area they are a very safe bet.  They are almost universally clean, free Wi-Fi, good price point.  Free breakfast is not usually a big fancy thing, but what more do you need than coffee and some protein to start the day.  I tend to have impressions of Hampton Inns by the location and staff.

This one is right off the 422 highway within gamma ray distance of the looming Limerick nuclear generating station.  There’s not much in the neighborhood, its a somewhat rural area.  Some car dealerships, a Wawa, maybe another gas station.  But, 10-15 minutes from Pottstown, and its pretty quiet.  The staff are always friendly and helpful, and when the sign is up saying they are on a break they tend to be sitting right outside and see you walk up.