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Restaurant: Harbor Seafood & Steak Company

Restaurant: Harbor Seafood & Steak Company
Web Site: http://www.harborslc.com/
Address: 2302 S Parleys Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Phone: 801-466-9827

Met a friend for dinner, it was a Thursday evening and I’m guessing a little slow.  Several empty tables.

Service staff were great; very helpful explaining the menu, not too disruptive when we were trying to talk, etc.  Good at helping us navigate the menu; neither of us had been there before.

Menu is pretty standard for s steakhouse, everything is a la cart and some of the steak cuts broke the 40$ mark.  Yikes!

Had a salad which was fantastic, fresh, and very attractively presented.  Entree was “fish and chips” which was of course more elegant than typical for this English take out food.  But, perfect pieces of fish and perfectly cooked.


Restaurant: GR Kitchen, Midvale, UT

Restaurant: GR Kitchen
Web Site: http://eatgrkitchen.com
Address: 702 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT
Phone: 801-352-7406

Chipotle concept with greek food. Bowl or pita, pick a protein, pick toppings, etc. But, its greek food not fake Mexican, and the quality was very high. Server steered me toward a kale salad which was awesome. Went there on business based on Yelp reviews, and were disappointed that its really a fast food atmosphere, but the the food was very good and it ended up being OK because it wasn’t crowded. It was a very good value/quality point, would eat there again if I didn’t need table service.


Restaurant: Bohemian Brewery, Midvale UT

Restaurant: Bohemian Brewery and Grill
Web Site: http://www.bohemianbrewery.com
Address: 94 E 7200, Midvale, Utah, 84047
Phone: (801) 566-5474

There with colleagues. The place feels more casual dining than “sports bar” like many beer making establishments seem to be. And, all oriented out of an central Europe style of brewing with the ownership being from Czech Republish. The menu items and beer choices were all oriented around this.

The food is all pub style and I don’t think anything was really going for healthiness; I’m pretty sure the only vegetable on my plate was sauerkraut. But, the food was all fresh and delicious. Everything seemed to be real comfort food, which worked out fine on a snowy day with cold weather. The beer was really well crafted and went well with the food I have.


Restaurant: Market Street Grill, SLC

Market Street Grill Interior, Downtown SLC Location

Market Street Grill Interior, Downtown SLC Location

Location: 48 West Market Street, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: (801) 322-4668
Website:  www.marketstreetgrill.com

Dinner with colleagues.  A not-low-end seafood restaurant.

When we first got there the sun was out and streaming through the windows, making the decor white, bright, and fairly cafeteria in feeling sitting at a booth in the back.  It didn’t make sense to me for the prices on the menu.  Then the sun went down and the interior lighting took over.  Neon colored fish shaped wall sconces and the bright walls made a very hip looking interior.  I wish we waited for the sun to come down, the first impression would have been a lot better.

Had some “Maryland style” crab cakes as an appetizer, shared around with my fellow Maryland-home friends.  All agreed they missed the mark of feeling like they were from home.  Not enough Old Bay, wrong mustard, not a lot of lump meat.  But someone from Utah probably thought they were good enough.

Very good salad, and grilled salmon which might have been a special (giant signs on the wall), but was perfect and they didn’t do the “too much salt when cooking” thing so many places do.  Extremely happy with the meal, the server was exceptionally good as well; super friendly but hidden when we didn’t need her.


Link to Yelp

Restaurant: Gracies, SLC

Address: 326 West Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Phone: (801) 819-7565
Website: http://www.graciesslc.com

Just here for drinks with colleagues.  Kind of big, large outdoor seating area, tables with umbrellas, indoor space and very large bar.  Upstairs an outside deck, inside bar, outside bar, more seating, TVs.  Parts of it had a sports bar vibe, but overall a casual impression.

Don’t think I can blame the place for this, but Salt Lake City needs to figure out how to have bars.  Its great you can actually get a drink now, but there’s still something weird in how they ask you “an ounce or an ounce and a half”.  Makes for a very tiny martini, which explains why it had multiple twists and olives in it.

Super bonus for live jazz on Monday night.  Could hear it coming up the street as they were in the outdoor area (a very nice night for sitting out).  4 or 5 guys blowing standards, but were pretty good and it made for great atmosphere when sitting outside.

Restaurant: Rumbi Island Grill, Murray, UT

Restaurant: Rumbi Island Grill
Web Site: rumbi.com
Address:  5269 State St, Salt Lake City, UT 84107
Phone:  (801) 266-5700

Note quite a cafeteria, not quite a restaurant.  It’s fast food-ish, where you order at the front, they hand you a number, you sit down, and they bring you your food when its done.   Decorated in a “beach bum” style, with fake grass huts, surfboards, etc.

Was a good choice, I was jonesing for fish tacos, and they’re were sloppy but good.  Some kind of coconut/mango salsa on it, nicely done fish, but dripped a lot of juice.  Not very expensive, I think lunch was about $12 with a drink.  I’d go back for a quick lunch that wasn’t the normal burger thing.  Oh, they did burgers too.  Didn’t try them.