Lyle Schofield's Technical Journal

A notebook of various projects.

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An on-line journal of technical adventures. Contains various bits of technical information that might be of interest, and might be accurate. If any of this helped you, great!

This is a place for me to keep notes about projects, problems solved, reviews, and other things that I get my hands on.  It’s meant to be of less interest to the friends and family reading the main page, but it might be of more interest to others.  More details here in terms of source code listings, part numbers, etc.  The more personal stuff is on my main site.

My interests are diverse.  An engineer by education, a software developer in my early career, a manager of health care technology, and a serious amateur/semi-pro musician throughout.  A growing interest in ham radio and all things electrical as well.  So, the topics jump around a bit depending on what I get into.

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